Monday, January 27, 2014

Hacking BTM-200

Salvaged from an old HP laptop.

Made By: Actiontec

Document for pinout:

PIN1 : 3.3V or 3V    (i did usb 5v -> 3.3 Regulator -> 3.3V)

forget the other 4 pins. they are unused, you can guess their work from the above schematic.

and then connect to computer (Linux has driver for it,use Blueman) and you have a bluetooth device.

other uses:
 uC project where USB OTG is their.
SBC (like RPi yada yada)

The story:
salvaged from my brother laptop for about 2 years ago, never understood how to interface it.

i need some something for connectivity for Olinuxino with computer (its without wifi).

finally did lots of hell research and it looks like that one guy did it but couldnt find any how-to.
so final decided to do it myself.

talked to actiontec tech support.
requested the pinout for the thing but the guy was giving me "how to burn actiontec bluetooth driver to cd" and "user manual on how to install driver on windows". :|

so fed up with him, finally quited the talk.

downloaded lots of hardware manual from HP but none contain the pinout.

also i didnt have the original laptop.
so tried to search schematic, but they require $15, but finally found it on 4shared (registered using mailnator account) (nice guy) and downloaded the schematic.
finally, pinout in front of me. :)

connected and tested with my brother mobile.

works perfect. :D

internally the bluetooth module has one BC212 (uC with stack) and a sst39vf flash (afaik for storing stack) and other passive component. these can be found inside the metallic case.

BC212 (uc with stack):
 Multi-Purpose Flash: sst39vf ....


At January 2, 2016 at 2:05 PM , Blogger David BARBION said...

Think you for valuable informations. I've just extracted this BTM200 from my old laptop. I can now figure out what I can do with it.

At April 4, 2016 at 12:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you


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